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In-home Newborn Session


September 15, 2019

Meeting and photographing newborn baby brother Emmitt 18 months after sister Adelaide came to the studio was a such a treat! Not only do I love seeing families grow, but I also love seeing who that first little newborn has become. The second time around for this family’s newborn photos, I was invited over to see their new home and document- a morning in the day of- with…

Studio Newborn Sessions

Jonas & June

August 2, 2019

Twins!! Photographing newborn twins are twice as nice and.. four times the work!! Baby pictures of the twins together, the twins individually and most importantly with older brother Odin makes for a busy studio morning. Parents to twins who come in as newborns get an extra pat on the back as this journey is one that immediately kicks into overdrive. I know they can always appreciate looking back…

In-home Newborn Session


September 25, 2018

In-home sessions are always a beautiful way to spend a quiet weekday morning with baby’s new family. I love seeing how each session unfolds and seeing all the details that remind me of the first few weeks with a new baby in the home. So nice to meet you all and thank you for including me in your memories.…

Studio Newborn Sessions


September 10, 2018

I love making soft cover books for clients after their newborn session is complete. To see all the images together, makes the session so much more memorable. I like to add in candid moments along with the portraits to show clients how much I value and appreciate all the little newborn details that make this time so unique. The little yawns, the big sister dancing next to mom…

Baby Sessions


August 16, 2018

Half-year birthday Bora, sitting up and loving his paci. Big chunky thighs, huge gummy smile with first teeth poking through. And his little hair style, all the firsts you will forget as each week baby changes and grows into another version of themselves. So fun to see you again Bora!…

In-home Newborn Session


July 17, 2018

Newborn Photography Session • Portland, Oregon No session is perfect, but I must say this session was perfectly reflective of this family. Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your home. It was so fun documenting your family on that bright and sunny June morning. Welcome to the world Miss Hadley! SaveSave SaveSave…

In-home Newborn Session

Willa Rose

June 26, 2018

This last year I have had lots of requests from past clients to order birth announcements again.  I do include a fun gift when people order a couple sets of them– see their card and gift at the end of this blog!…

In-home Newborn Session


June 6, 2018

Newborn Photography |  Baby’s First Portraits | In-home Photography | Portland, Oregon First borns open your eyes to how much love you received when you came into the world.  They humble you, they instantly reset your life in the way that no other job or responsibility can.  First borns help you embrace sacrifice and help you slow down to soak up all the quiet moments that start to…