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In-home Newborn Session


April 10, 2018

In-home baby and newborn session with newborn photographer Suzanne Puttman located in SW Portland, Oregon. This newborn session was taken on site in my clients home in Vancouver, Washington.…

In-home Newborn Session


March 16, 2018

There is something really fantastic about coming into a new space and capturing baby’s first home and all the happenings around the house.  For the last couple of years, I have only been shooting in studio newborn sessions.  This year, I decided to bring in-home sessions back to my portfolio for clients to choose as a session option.  And I am so glad I did.  It has been…

Studio Newborn Sessions


March 14, 2018

Simply studio sessions, lots of black and whites, along with some simple color images. Newborn photography is best when baby is under two weeks old, if you want sleepy posed photos. To have Bora at two weeks turned out to be a sweet and simple session. Welcome baby boy Bora!…

In-home Newborn Session


March 12, 2018

In-home Newborn Photography  |  Portland, Oregon A November morning with Millie This next year, I’m including in-home newborn sessions for clients.  I wish I could look back at what my first home looked like and see my parents proudly holding me.  What the weather was like during the season I was born, and just have a nice picture of the space where I began my life.  There is…

In-home Newborn Session


March 2, 2018

Newborn Photography  |  Portland, Oregon An in-home newborn session with Bowen took place on an overcast, yet crisp and cool, Fall day.  Bowen arrived early and was almost one month old on the day I came to photograph him and his family of three (four with long time, wonderful friend S.)  This session had a couple of candid photos mixed in with some portraits focused on just him.…

In-home Newborn Session


February 20, 2018

Little Eve, baby girl #3, welcomed home by her two big sisters.  There is something about that third baby, they are so darn happy to be embraced by their new siblings and family.  As you can see here, we had a lovely morning cuddling her and getting everyone in on the photo fun at home.  So wonderful to see you all again and so happy to see baby…

Studio Newborn Sessions


January 27, 2018

Studio Newborn Photography  |  Portland, Oregon I have found myself loving the more simple, black and white sessions where the focus is just on baby.  Photographing all their little details and documenting how their mood changes throughout the session- sleepy, cuddly, needy, cozy, curious and awake.  This session will make the sweetest album! suzanne puttman photography •  click by suzanne •  baby and newborn photography, Portland Oregon •…