Newborn Sessions

10 days old

Newborn sessions last about 2 hours and include family + sibling images.  It's best to take our time and not rush baby, so we can get a beautiful gallery of all their little details.  There is lots of built in time so that baby is relaxed and if they need to feed or just get cuddles from mom we have plenty of time to do so.  Towards the end of the session, if you want to include family or sibling images I am happy to do so.  I like to take a couple of mom and baby too, these are not always the images mom's want to take at the time, but end up being some of their favorites.

Baby Sessions

7 months old

Baby sessions last about an hour, and we capture as much of their little personality as we can. I like to use several different backdrops, so your gallery has a nice variety of images.  Please select your outfits thoughtfully, one of your favorite dresses or outfits, along with what they wear everyday.  Always included are diaper shots too, so we can see their rolls and dimples as they are crawling around.  If you would like to include family or mom + baby images we can do that too!