The Details

With each session you will receive a viewing gallery of 30+ images.  You can choose your favorite digital images and order professional prints & products after you see the entire gallery.  Digital images are available and come with printing rights to print and share however you please.

Please book your newborn session several months in advance so I can save a place for you in my schedule once baby has been born.  All sessions take place at my studio in NW Portland.

portrait sessions

newborn sessions 

The best time to take your baby’s newborn images is when they are under 2 weeks old.  This is when they are most relaxed and asleep for the majority of the time.  The newborn sessions lasts about 2 hours with lots of time built in for mom and baby to take a break and feed as often as needed.  Parents are able to sit back & relax while I work.  You keep me posted when baby arrives and then we’ll set a session date.  If you have a planned c-section, we can set up a session date + time in advance.  I am happy to include family & sibling images too.  Digital files and prints are purchased separately.

baby sessions

This session is for babies up to a year old and takes place at my studio.  Great ages to photograph are the milestone ages of:  3 months (pushing up and smiling), 6-8 months (sitting up) and 1 year old (they start looking like the little person they are to become).  This session lasts about an hour and I have several hats & blankets we can use for the session.  You are welcome to bring any objects that mean something special to you and your baby, along with several outfits.  I am happy to include family & sibling images too.

mini sessions

Mini sessions are simple and sweet just focusing on your baby, and includes a smaller gallery of images taken at my studio. The baby images are more natural and not as posed, due to the shorter session time.  For family and sibling images, please see newborn and baby sessions above.  Digital files and prints are purchased separately.

baby’s first year

One minute you have a tiny little newborn that fits in your arms, then suddenly you’ve got a walking, talking one year old.  Its fun to document all their firsts.  Newborn, 6 month, and first birthday sessions.  You save on a session fee when you book all three together.  Digital files and prints are purchased separately.  $425

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reserve the date

Sessions book several weeks out and are typically scheduled during the week. The session fee for portrait sessions is $200 (this covers my time & materials) and includes a gallery of 30+ images.  All prints and digital files are purchased separately.  All sessions include a set of digital images, and additional files can be purchased along with professional prints & albums.  Please email me for a complete price list.  To request a session date click on the contact link above or email me at:   Thank you!

After the session I’ll create an online gallery showcasing your baby’s first portraits.  Whether you’re looking for albums to flip through again and again, art to hang up on your walls, digital files to hold onto forever, or all of the above, you’ll find the perfect way to display your images for years, and generations to come